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350 Body Parts and Organs in Swedish

Out now, this illustrated Medical Swedish Book is your next step towards working in Sweden as a health care professional. A detailed and comprehensive guide to the Swedish names for the anatomical terminology, in all the widely used grammatical forms - a must for your Swedish language learning process when relocating to Sweden as a physician, nurse, fysiotherapist or midwife.

The book is mainly in Swedish, but an extensive introduction in English, with instructions about grammar and pronunciation, makes this is a suitable first book of Medical Swedish for self studies or the classroom.

Emil Molander, the author of this book, is a trained and certified teacher of Swedish as a second language, very experienced in Medical Swedish.

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Includes this and more

  • More than 350 Swedish nouns for organs, body parts and diseases.

  • Pronunciation information and audio for ALL anatomy words.

  • Free online answer key.

  • Richly illustrated, in colour, with detailed blind maps for self testing.

  • Latin terms for comparison and help, including useful information about the Swedish spelling of medical terms in Latin and Greek.

  • Grammar exercises so that you don't use the words wrong.

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