Language requirements to practice your medical profession in Sweden

The process of getting a license  to practice your medical profession in Sweden: another step on the way


If you have begun the process of getting a Swedish medical legitimation, one of the letters that you will receive will be about language skills:

Din ansökan behöver kompletteras med följande underlag:

  1.      Språkkunskaper

För att kunna få en svensk legitimation behöver du ha språkkunskaper i svenska, danska eller norska. Du kan till exempel visa dina språkkunskaper genom att skicka in en vidimerad kopia på godkänt betyg eller resultat från

  • svenska 3 eller svenska som andraspråk 3 vid Komvux (gymnasial vuxenutbildning)

This means that one of the requirements is language skills in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. You can show your language skills by sending in a photo copy (signed and witnessed) from a pass or the results from: a, the last course In Swedish at Komvux, Swedish Municipal Adult Education b, the level C1 according to CEFR = be a proficient user of Swedish c, a course or a test that serves a qualification for further studies.

This step, language requirement, is hard but not impossible. You just need to start as soon as possible and be consistent in your studies. A good first step in your language learning as medical staff is to start to learn body parts and organ in Swedish. Emil Molander, an experienced teacher in Medical Swedish has compiled a solid and efficient book called Kroppen på svenska, “the body in Swedish”. Kroppen på svenska works with latin to Swedish which enables many foreign medical staff to be able to learn by using their common language latin.

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