Dynaudio - All there is. "The performance of the LYD 48 in the bass end was exemplary and I was very impressed by the level of definition and transient detail that it delivered in the mid and treble frequencies, even when the bottom end was shaking the metaphorical floorboards. The Core 59 are very, very nice speakers which are easy to live with, easy to mix on and sound wonderful. The new Contour series has taken the German reviewer community by storm with praise such as: "Danish Dynamite", "Absolute Spitzenklasse", and "The New Contour Sets Milestone". April 10, 2018 Car audio, Volkswagen Touareg 2018 The concert experience on the road. finished. That's the result of Trusted Reviews test of the wireless Xeo 6 floor standers. when I look at the Dynaudio Music 1 system in the near future. By that I mean ridiculously good. ": Editor-in-chief and high-end-audio enthusiast Uwe Kirbach reviewed the Evidence Platinum in image hifi 2/2013”, “…the Dynaudio Evidence Platinums sounded completely wonderful. ", “…a loudspeaker so overwhelming like I've never experienced before. The bass is easily followable and the drum has a nice bit of We’ll touch on the rest of the infotainment options shortly, but the Excite set-up (named after the company's Excitespeaker range) brings with it a 10-channel digital amplifier, eight speakers, one subwoofer and 400W of power. try again?” I tapped “Yes”, then realised that the speaker seemed to have It makes it harder for the woofer to produce deep bass, but also Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Why? The remote can also be used to control anything you connect to the speakers as well. Simplify reviewer, Al Griffin, asked himself before he received a test sample of the new Music 7 Wi-Fi speakers. ", "The detail in the top end is fantastic, the transient response is on point, and the low end is quite substantial while being well-controlled. On the contrary, Germany’s leading home cinema/ surround magazine – VIDEO – praises the excellent sound performance and compact design in their latest review, calling it room-friendly and ideal for living rooms. The first review of our new Contour 60 has hit stands in Germany, as Matthias Boede has auditioned the 60 for STEREO – and he liked what he heard. Stereoplay reviews Golf VII GTI's new Dynaudio sound system Natural sound colours, very relaxed yet differentiated, great staging, outstanding price/performance relation. Find our favourite quotes from the review below and a link to the original review. But for now, I’m restricting myself to the larger speaker. Dynaudio Confidence sound pack review - VW Passat. We think it is pretty safe to say that STEREO likes the Contour 20 speakers. And as we expected, they loved them. Plenty of good bass.” Awarded with the ”Hi-Five Award”, „Dynaudio’s new Excite series makes an amplifier’s life a lot easier.“, “The new Excite series leaves an impression of real high quality”, „Just listen to Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen with the new Excite – it really gets under your skin.“. portability. The Scandinavian hi-fi magazine Lyd og Billede (Sound and Image) has tested the Dynaudio Music 7 speaker. "Balanced and powerful sound. I’m guessing that one of the things that the firmware fixes is And with it’s easy to understand when you consider how well the speakers were received: "The Special Forty is one of the very best compact speakers in the company’s forty years history." The results were similar regardless of genre. Frankfurter Allgemeine reviews the Dynaudio Music 7, emphasizing its good looks and impressive craftsmanship. from my DLNA-enabled NAS. "The Xeo 4s and Xeo 6s need just two things from you—a source(s) and power. were impressive. In a 6-page review, the digital audio specialist magazine covers both speakers. I’ve remained impressed by its home offerings, mostly amazing high-fidelity Dynaudio Music 7 Without It's Speaker Grille. But like so many others, it is now venturing into compact, It If you're looking for new monitors, put them on your short list. The first time I fired it up, it asked me which artists I like, offering a The enclosure uses closed box design principles. I love that connectivity and get the sense that Dynaudio really cares about their workmanship as I hefted the speakers in place. Yes, three decibels below the average of that You can feel that “someone” versus “something” made these. The high-end is equally impressive, with excellent clarity even at very low volumes. In its latest issue the British hi-fi reviewer HiFi+ auditions the Music 5. Fitting is a model of simplicity: put the frame in the hole, squeeze down the doglegs to secure it around the ceiling material, then just twist and lock the speaker into place. We have selected our favourite quotes from the well-written review below. The first couple of times, after entering the password the app came back and Bass was deep but not boomy and the system could handle peaks of power with ease. It operated reliably and maintained a good Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth speakersDynaudioDynaudio Musicmultiroom audionetwork speakers, App doesn’t support all functions of which the speaker is capable, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. this one won’t suit you unless you’re prepared to add something like a Rod Easdown reviews the Special Forty speakers for the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. “That’s it! As it turns out, pretty well. It’s notoriously difficult to measure the performance of loudspeakers. Besides a big compliment to Dynaudio’s silk soft dome tweeters, nicely titled “the pleasure dome”, the review applauses the sound performance, especially speed and subtlety. such a design. Seldom has clutter-free convenience looked or sounded so good, "We are rarely disappointed by Dynaudio products, and here is another success for the Danish manufacturer. Every three years, major German High End magazine Image HiFi gives away an award for the best device in several categories. The conclusion: “I’ve tried to find faults with the Special Forty, I really have. for higher quality sound. Dynaudio seems to have done that. Kind of a generic name for sure, but its representative of what this series of products is all about. They use new surrounds to extend their throw, their frequency response and their low-frequency dynamics – all while maintaining stellar midrange performance. “Dynaudio has proved to be a brand of impeccable engineering standards. French HiFi magazine Haute fidelite reviews Evoke 30 and honours it with its popular “Meilleur achat – Haute Fidelite” award. How does the Music 7 stack up with its competition? The pictures do a better job. They ooze quality and their use of tech is comprehensive but discreet. To play that I has to use Bluetooth and some other music-player Check out our favourite quotes below: Special Forty does it again: best standmount speaker £2000+. This time around, it's What Hi-Fi? couldn’t find the speaker and I noticed the Wi-Fi setup light was still Pioneer TS-T15 120w Soft Dome Car Audio Stereo Speaker Tweeter Single. For its striking looks, strong geometric lines and intelligent features, the Dynaudio Music 5 wins a German Design Award 2019. As is the way of these things, you use an to set up the speaker. More about that later. Dynaudio car audio system is world’s fastest concert hall. AU $654.80. tried an iPod Nano – I still have a couple of those – and it worked, but it All because of Dynaudio’s muscular R&D strength. When introduced in November 2015, the Xeo 2 became our smallest, active loudspeaker. What Hi-Fi reviews the Contour 20, finding a pair of speakers with impressive authority, dynamics and insight, pleasing attack and refinement and good build and finish quality. Third time lucky: “Your speaker is now on the Wi-Fi network ‘[REDACTED]’ The Contour 30 has made customs and entered the ‘land down under.' They are various factors to keep in mind before going to the market to buy this devices. provides access to music, after a fashion, but nowhere near the full range of That confirms that the system is dual band. The Dynaudio Music 3 is a mid-sized standalone speaker with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a built-in battery that gives it up to eight hours of independence from your home’s power. They are Dynaudio speakers through and through; built with our traditional, time-tested... 00:38. The pictures I did a wide range of listening using a wide range of music, Oh, These characteristics make it an ideal monitor for critical mixing and evaluation as you can really hear into the depths of a mix without straining, even at low listening levels. It has the added bonus of offering a degree of ", "In a small or large room, these monitors sound fantastic. Since then the reviews have started to come in and we've been overwhelmed by the positive reception. The results tend to be extremely misleading. We’ve collected our favourite quotes from the German review, translated them and shared them below: Best Buys Audio & AV from Australia reviews our Special Forty hi-fi speakers; the birch veneer and their sound reproduction garnered high praise. Bass is everything neutral for this review.