Then please let us know! gift vouchers) using the code below. Thoroughly cover your Boxwood with this mixture by using a pressure a caterpillar eats the treated leaves, it ingests the “Cry” proteins from XenTari. TOPBUXUS XenTari - Professional Dosage - Against Box Tree Moth Caterpillar - Biological - Safe for Bees and Birds - Also Effective Against Oak Processionary Caterpillar 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,114 £14.49 £ 14. Met trots kunnen we melden dat onze TOPBUXUS Professional Buxuscare Products de populairste en best verkochte producten zijn in de categorie Tuin>Bemesting op, Amazon UK en Ebay UK! Stockists of TopBuxus Products. Questo articolo: TOPBUXUS XenTari 15x1g, Stops And Prevents Caterpillar Damage in Boxwood, Biological Product… 16,95 € Disponibilità immediata. No longer do you have to suffer with discoloured, defoliated Buxus. Under the TOPBUXUS brand name, planting of 30,000 rooted Buxus Sempervirens cuttings was started. It burns the fungal spores so that the Boxwood can quickly grow new leaves, even if all leaves have fallen but the branch is still green the Boxwood will fully recover. gift vouchers) using the code below. TOPBUXUS Restore & Protect mix is a 8-0-10 leaf fertilizer with secondary nutrients of 100% natural base. This is not because we believe there would be any risk involved but as a company we have to keep focused on what our products real purpose is. TOPBUXUS XenTari Original- Professional Dosage - Against Boxwood Moth Caterpillar - Biological - Safe for Bees and Birds - Also Effective Against Oak Processionary Caterpillar. Description Combat Box blight – Topbuxus Health-Mix. The service provided was first class. Professional basic fertiliser, ... TopBuxus Grow. Buy Topbuxus products and help EBTS UK Full season Longlife pheromone lures are only available from Green Gardener and you can get a 10% discount on your order (excl. With Topbuxus’ blessing I am proud to say that Australia now has access to the world’s foremost professional Buxuscare products, which is used by the likes of Martha Stewart. We recommend if you grow Box plants that you use these products on a regular basis. Tax included. Topbuxus Health-Mix has been developed especially to repair an acute fungal attack such as Box blight. Venduto da TOPBUXUS Professional Buxuscare Products e spedito mediante il centro logistica di Amazon. TOPBUXUS-grow Langley Horticulture 2017-09-07T12:10:06+01:00. TOPBUXUS USA provides boxwood health care products to help boxwood fight boxwood blight. Professional growers use these products to maintain healthy growth and as a preventative and now we’re pleased to be able to offer these to our customers. Jane, Both Topbuxus Healthmix and the Fertilizer have been specifically developed for Buxus. Note: Currently Bt based products (like XenTari) are not registered for domestic use in the UK, they are available for use by professionals. TOPBUXUS is a significant producer of Buxus shrubs (more than 10,000,000 plants per 50 ha) that developed a growth method based on Buxus Professional Care Products available to all those interested in these box trees: nurseries, landscapers and fancier 45 likes. Loading ... TOPBUXUS Grow - Professional Boxwood Fertilizer - Duration: 0:38. Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. Description du produit Seaux (10 tablettes) pour 100m2 de buis. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im TOPBUXUS Professional Buxuscare Products Shop. Up to and including 2011 we have grown a total of around 12,000,000 Buxus plants on … Bahco Professional Ergo Secateurs Left Handed PX & PXR £ 45.00 – £ 60.00 Select options; Darlac Bypass Pruners Fine-DP1034 £ 20.00 Add to cart; Topbuxus Health-Mix - 10 Tablets Hendon Tripod Ladder-3 Adjustable Legs 6 ft method of use to Professional Boxwood Care Products available for all Boxwood fans: Nurseries, landscapers and private consumers. It ensures strong growth and intense deep green leaves. Professional basic fertiliser, to be used 3 times per year, each time when the new leaves start growing. The best Boxwood care products 12 products | Sort by: Relevance Name, A to Z Name, Z to A Price, low to high Price, high to low TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX Against Box blight - 40 tablets for 400m2 TOPBUXUS GROW provides vigorous growth and leaves of intense green. 01730 894467/07979096261 The result of their research is the development of a Professional Boxwood Care product line. 49 Highly effective treatment for Buxus problems. We have heard by report that our Topbuxus products work on other evergreens but it is not something we promote. Cheapest online! 0:38. TOP BUXUS 1,197 views. Apply Topbuxus Healthmix once a month from the months of March to November. TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX este un îngrășământ foliar cu oligoelemente, 100% natural. Please contact us to for more information and to order. TOPBUXUS Profesionnal Buxus Care Products. Tub of 100 tablets £72.90 or 10 tablets £13.50. TOPBUXUS GROW is a fast-acting Boxwood-fertilizer and dissolves very quickly. TOPBUXUS® located in Holland is the world’s largest boxwood grower in the world. National Box Collection Holders 2017. TOPBUXUS XenTari stops and prevents caterpillar damage in Boxwood. Emergency telephone number Country Official advisory body Address Emergency number NETHERLANDS National Poisons Information Centre National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, NB this service is only available to health professionals P.O. Latest News & … - 1.4. Professional dosage! TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX 26 juni 2017 / 0 Reacties / in Uncategorised / door Nicu Tofan. Box 1 3720 BA Bilthoven +31 30 274 88 88 : TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX, stops and prevents boxblight, 200g for 100m2 Boxwood, do what the grower does! Conveniently dissolve 1 sachet (1 gram) of XenTari in 1 litre of water for 10 m² of Boxwood surface. Buy Topbuxus products and help EBTS UK Full season Longlife pheromone lures are only available from Green Gardener and you can get a 10% discount on your order (excl. You do not have to remove your Boxwood after an infestation, no matter how dry and bald your Boxwood looks, the plants will fully recover with TOPBUXUS XenTari TOPBUXUS XenTari is an easy to use product againts caterpillars in Boxwood. Buy Topbuxus Health Mix. Biological product! In case of Box blight: treat all your box trees immediately and make sure you cover the entire tree. Build a … Provender Nurseries in Swanley, Kent are an independent wholesaler of plants and products related to the landscape industry. Topbuxus USA. For many years, TOPBUXUS® has been working on Boxwood care products to optimize the overall health of the plant. Strengthens your box tree, produces healthy green, shiny leaves and protects from box blight. Good day followers, friends and everyone who cares about TOPBUXUS. TOPBUXUS XenTari - Against Boxwood Moth Caterpillar - Professional Dosage - Biological - Safe for Bees and Birds - Effective Against Oak Processionary Caterpillar. ATTENTION!!! Provender Nurseries are progressive and professional in our approach to supplying the landscape industry with a diverse range of plants and landscaping kit. TOPBUXUS Professional Buxuscare Products zeigt auf Amazon keine Rücksende- und Erstattungsrichtlinien an. This is a original TOPBUXUS product, no imitation, not diluted. Une application mensuelle entre Mai et Novembre. Free delivery. Topbuxus health-mix can be used on box plants with bright green shiny leaves and to help prevent box blight – a type of fungal disease currently affecting the United Kingdom, this product will help keep leaves green and shiny while protecting the plant from yellow edges and fades in the leaf colour. TOPBUxUS XenTari 15x1g For 150m2 Stops And Prevents Boxwood Caterpillars And The Oak Processionary Caterpillar Prof Dosage Bio Product Save For Bees And Birds : Oh, you decide if you should strive to make it is common with their innovative products. Topbuxus Health-Mix is a revolutionary natural tonic for keeping your box bushes blight free, healthy and strong.Developed by europe’s largest box grower for their own use they are now making this professional product available to all. We recommend following the program as below. Note: Currently Bt based products (like XenTari) are not registered for domestic use in the UK, they are available for use by professionals. Besides Topbuxus, excellent resorts are the websites of expert European growers at and at Please always check the correct approval on phytoweb for Belgium. We recommend and supply Topbuxus products to help prevent Box Blight and encourage healthy growth.