Called the LoneRock hunting knife, this … The official knife of the Marine Corps is the OKC-3S, which is both a bayonet and a utility knife. Shop. Replacement blade knife. Mini Review: The Classic SD is one of the most popular knives on the trail for good reason. Do you know if it can it be removed? Hard to beat the Dozier for price, weight, usable blade length and color options but the Buck 55 has the classic look, is even more compact yet solid, and is USA made if that matter to you. Because this knife was designed for small blade-work while hunting, the blade is ideal for hard work. Instagram: @HikeWithHeart. I rarely have fires on thru-hikes and UL backpacking trips so I don’t need a big knife to help me start one. The Garberg is a very simple knife that is perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, and as a take with you tool anytime you step into the wild. Folts knives are awesome but I prefer folders on the trail. Ya, he produced a Beta-Titanium Minimalist for me that weighs in at the same weight the Vargo Wharn-clip does, but with better ergonomics and more style! It’s very balanced. The knife handle itself weighs in at 26 grams. With a hardy construction and stainless steel, this should be low maintenance and will last on long hikes. This knife weighs in at 0.53 ounces. The blade is 4 1/2" long, seems pretty much perfect for what you're looking for. Previous Next. Ultralight...Ultra Sharp replacement blade knife. This is the perfect knife for backpack hunting, fishing or hiking adventures. There is some texturing—known as jimping—on the spine, above the handle where your thumb rests. It will also carry deep in any pocket with its low-profile pocket clip. A2 tool steel blades maintain strength and toughness … Here is a good forum review of the knife, though again, the weight number is wrong. They work great for clipping cord or dental floss and work well for dealing with blisters and keeping toe nails (if any!) Like the CRKT Minimalist, you will see jimping to help control the knife but notice it also has jimping on an extra finger groove that extends onto the blade just before the sharpened edge. Shop. The Best Knife for Backpacking and Hiking Fallkniven U2: $90. The incredible ultralight pocket knives weigh in at only 34 grams. When you are going to hunt a best, an ultralight knife will not be useful. Over the years, the lightweight backcountry movement created a niche for the light, scalpel sharp, replaceable blade knife. Makes me happier with my 1.4 oz knife I use for cutting cheese and sausage. It’s a great clip if you decide to use it. Thanks for your support! Just in case you wondering what a knife nerd like me carries on the trail, my answer might surprise you. Kershaw definitely has a reputation in the everyday carry world for making superb entry-level EDC folding knives, but that’s not all they do. Extended finger grips for blade edge control. If you like vintage, time-proven classics that don’t break the bank (or scale), this might be your new knife. It’ll probably replace my Griptilian altogether for EDC. On a recent 2 day backpacking trip in Yosemite, my Dad and I made do just fine with my $40 Buck 55 and $20 Kabar Dozier lockback folding knives. Bugout’s got plenty of belly on the blade, and sharp enough to shave with. This extremely ergonomic knife also offers multiple blade shapes (Bowie pictured) including wharncliffe, tanto, and drop point to give you style/use options. Proprietary steel hardening process with cryogenic treatment ensures maximum edge retention with 60 HRC hardness. bvollmer 08-Jul-12. There’s nothing wrong with a classic Buck 55. Those tweezers can come in handy, every now and then. Click here. 916065628? Spyderco once again offers excellent grip with their multi-directional texturing on the handle. I’ve been thinking of how to go lighter and this eased my mind (the one ounce knife I picked up just doesn’t seem like it will last). Kydex sheath provides excellent protection in your pack. The CRKT Mossback Bird and Trout is billed as a hunting knife that’s a good size for a bird or a trout. It’s not a rugged knife by any means, but if your primary concern is getting a knife that’s lightweight, it’s a great way to go. Shop. I carry two blades when I’m on the trail: the Leatherman PS4 multitool in my repair kit (baggie with multitool, piece of tenacious tape, micro tube of super glue, dental floss and needle, small amount duct tape). Glad you enjoyed it and gained some peace of mind. The handle scales also offer aggressive, multi-directional texturing which offer excellent traction for your hand regardless of gloves or wet conditions. One drawback is that any “hard” use may dull this blade faster than others, since its properties are still softer than other metals. Help The Ultralight Hiker: If you enjoyed the content of this website or found a useful idea or design, you can help support this page by making a one-off or continuing donation using Paypal. Once you get that on hand, I would love to know what the weight is including the sheath; I can only find the weight for the knife sans sheath. Custom replaceable blade handle is the first of its kind. I discovered backpacking and this wonderful hiking community on the Florida Trail in 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Mini Review: For the money, this is one of the best knives on the market. The Dragonfly – Ultralight Titanium Knife: Read More » Unusual Locking Folder 10 Comments / Backpacking , Blades & Multitools , Farming, Home & Gardening , Fishing , Hiking , Hunting / By admin The blade is made from SK-5 stainless steel and the handle is G-10. I’m not a fan of folding knives as i have had a few fold up on my hand before. The 3.5″ blade is long enough to be useful. also i feel like it is pretty unsave. An ideal choice as a hunting knife, it features a drop-point blade with a convex curve bending towards the point of the blade to offer an … It’s very unique, so make sure you know how it operates before heading out on trail. This website contains affiliate links, which means The Trek may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. I carry TWO knives. Optional CNC Machined G10 handle has excellent toughness and durability while being very lightweight at 0.7 oz (20 grams). Hence, this is not meant for hunting trips. Since every person is different, I put several options together so that you can find one that fits your needs and mode of carry (how and where you carry it on your person). Currently I only have the no. I carry the Victorinox Classic SD and a custom version of the Minimalist by knife maker Alan Folts. The titanium alloy allows the metal to be precipitation hardened, so a normally soft metal can now be effectively used as a knife blade. I like that its basically full length with a decent blade, but still lightweight. Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife, Fine Edge, Stainless Steel [22-48485] 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,729. Together, the texturing and finger groove make this small knife much easier to hold and handle than most knives this compact. It’s ergonomics are similar to the Dragonfly 2 with the spine jimping and textured handle, but the large, polymer handle on this would be more comfortable for large hands. Designed for skinning and deboning large game animals with minimal weight and superior edge retention and toughness. It has the most robust pair of scissors you’ll get for the weight. Victorinox EvoGrip 14 Pocket Knife & Multi-Tool . Sharp edges on top side for ripping hide keeps the belly of the knife razor sharp for skinning and deboning multiple animals. The PS4 was VERY close to being on my list. Part of that journey includes joining the 2019 Granite Gear Grounds Keeper team! Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. What I DON’T Use a Knife for on an Ultralight Backpacking Trip I DON’T use a Knife for Fire Making on a UL Trip . Mini Review: Some people will want the maximum amount of tools for the least weight, and the Leatherman Micra strikes that balance. so not only is it a bad steel, but the heat treat on it is pretty bad too. It even has a larger blade. Your email has been added to our mailing list. Like any other lock on a folding knife, you may cut yourself if you fail to engage it properly. The tradeoff is that H1 steel is a little softer than some other steels, so you may have to sharpen it … This is the perfect knife for backpack hunting, fishing, or hiking adventures. In recent years, the hunting community has gone rabid for ultralight, replaceable blade knives designed for meat care only, a phenomenon fueled heavily by us ounce counting backcountry hunters. Used for its ultralight & strong properties. rambows 08-Jul-12. I’ve merged my enthusiasm for knives and backpacking to bring you a list of backpacking blades that each weigh less than two ounces and are capable enough to handle trail life. Grand Way Multifunction Swiss Army Knife (Best Ultralight) This stylish knife will fit into just about any pocket. With a great blade shape for trail life and a stunningly low weight, you might enjoy this knife if you want a large blade at minimum weight. With this kit, I’ve repaired all manner of woes on the trail. Top Ten Best Backcountry Hunting Gear of 2020-Staff Picks. Mini Review: The ARK “Always Ready Knife”is another ultralight fixed blade, but this one is sporting a secret: It’s impervious to rust. Patents PendingPrivacy Policy | Sitemap. Newsletter Signup. It creates a robust and sharp tip that is ideal for piercing and is used primarily in fighting or … I carry the Victorinox Classic SD as a multitool and the Deejo 15g for its sharper, longer blade. Great weight and interesting design (lists itself as a liner lock, but since it’s part of the single “scale” it’s very unique). I’m thinking whenever I hit the trail..that’ll be my go-to. Wiping the blade free of moisture or food before returning the knife to the sheath will help inhibit rust. A2 tool steel blades maintain strength and toughness while reducing material for weight savings. Ultimately, a backpacking knife is mostly used for convenience (opening and cutting food, cutting paracord, etc. However, those who have used the knife claim that it works amazing as an EDC fixed blade that even rivals the vaunted Izula (still to come). Thanks for the review. The OKC-3S has a passing resemblance to the Marines famed … For the money, I prefer other options but it’s under 2oz and is a stainless steel. The locking mechanism in the metal collar between the blade and handle is simple to use, though not as easy when wet. Since I frequent the Florida Trail in my home state, the titanium alloy is perfect to prevent corrosion and the handles are blaze orange like the Florida Trail. I keep my knife in my pocket, though, not riding on my hip, so the belt clip would be a pain. Backpack Hunter 08-Jul-12. Kershaw Skyline The Kabar Dozier is a good example: it’s less expensive, Aus 8 steel is an upgrade and it has a lanyard hole and clip for retention options out in the woods. Finding the right one for you means hunting knife work like skinning and field dressing will be easy! Back in the day, it was the typical heavy, stout, moderately sharp, Buck style knives that carried the masses. The only trade off is that it’s slightly heavier at 2.4 ounces (still pretty good). Top. I hope to see you on the trail and share some of my adventures with the world. Note: There is a (X90) carbon steel version available as well. k1 Ultralight Hunting Knife. These ultralight pocket knives are some of the lightest on the market. Think of it as a lean, mean, endurance athlete instead of a thick-necked linebacker. Pick up the Dragonfly 2. The Dragonfly – Ultralight Titanium Knife: ... 20 Hunting Tales. Pick a more durable option that won't break in the cold. Great article. Email Address. Ultralight Links. Thanks for sharing your knife choices – I’m sure these are versatile and no doubt they will do the job on a 2 day trip to Yosemite. Jun 24, 2013 #3. it looks pretty interesting compared to most other knives. Includes Paracord that can be added for extra grip, removed for easy cleaning, or used for secondary purposes such as hanging quarters. 1. This knife is packed with features, large, and safe to handle, making it an attractive option for any hiker. The trailing point knife is often used while hunting for processing game. Weighs 76g . Vargo also includes a lightweight sheath for the fixed blade, plus included a clip in the handle. Folding Knife with Fine Blade features a checkered glass-filled nylon handle to ensure strength, durability, and a non-slip grip. from 124.95. For the backcountry hunter, every ounce matters. It’s a boning knife which has made life in the backcountry breaking down deer so much easier. Also its design is really cool! Good luck and have fun with this important tool out on the trail! It’s a great choice! Weighing in at a mere 1.8 ounces with a 3.25” drop point blade, the Carbon Knife promises to keep weight at a minimum while maintaining peak performance for the handler.. What I think makes this knife … The ultralight Altitude is about as simple as it gets but it retains the details and craftsmanship needed in a quality hunting knife. Purpose built hunting knife that is also pretty good as a general purpose utility blade. Both are lightweight, sharp and it wouldn’t have been a huge deal if either would’ve been lost on the trip. The knife handle has 2 slotted cut-outs for two-bit in handle storage held in place by 4 Storage O-rings. I’m 6’5″ and the handle fits my large hands quite nicely and doesn’t dig in anywhere. Made from ultra premium CPM-S90V and weighing mere 22 grams it is a mountain hunters dream knife… The all black sleek knife has a 420B stainless steel blade with a special black titanium coating that has been microdented, which helps cut through the toughest materials. The plastic sheath that it comes with is .3 oz. Carbon Knife. And FWIW, when thru hiking, I carry .75-oz Victorinox flat-folding nail clippers in my toiletries. Excellent choice! The fixed blade k1 ensures reliability when you need it … 20 Great Places . My lady picked me up a Bugout for Xmas, and I’m loving the weight and how it pockets. To learn more, please visit the About This Site page. My wife prefers her SpyderCo Ladybug at 0.6 ounces. I’m passionate about practicing Leave No Trace ethics so I can leave the outdoor spaces I visit a little cleaner than when I came. Spear: A spear point blade is a symmetrical, sometimes double-edged blade where both the top and bottom edges meet together in the center line of the knife. Shop Now. Comes in a reasonably good steel (VG-1) with a decent sheath for around $100 or a bit less. I owned one, which I gave away and now want back, and it was a perfectly fine knife. 7 stainless. The tradeoff is that H1 steel is a little softer than some other steels, so you may have to sharpen it sooner than others. On the scale, it weighs in at 1.6 oz, or 47 grams. Sign Up Weighing only 0.60 ounces, the Gerber 06050 Ultralight L.S.T. Buy View. These days it’s not rare to come across a serious backpack hunter that won’t have more than a Swiss Army knife or multitool and a … Overall length 7.050 inches, blade length 2.85 inches. The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek's ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. Ultralight Hunting Knives Serac Knife. Looks like it might bolt on. Go ahead and bathe it in salt water, or whatever your heart desires, the H1 steel can take it. This affordable, widely used, and easy-to-handle knife is great for weak hands, or those who want the most control of their blade. And no, the last time I checked, the Devil was not sledding. Is having the extra tools worth the extra .8 ounces over the Classic SD? Field Notes. Great article Josh! (Killer knife too…I love it, but different ballpark.). in my experience the Deejo15g is a pretty bad knife. It’s bigger than the Classic SD, smaller than the other folding knives, more ergonomic than the other small knives, and light enough to carry daily on or off the trail. ). If all of these sound great or you feel like you need more info to make a choice, check out my companion article “How to Pick the Perfect Backpacking Knife” to learn about knives, blade steel and how to choose a knife that’s right for you. Mini Review: The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 fills a niche between the other blades on this list. It has a sharp edge, a minimalist handle, and a solid locking mechanism.